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Love Glasses Revolution

Was created to share love in the world through our inspirational heart-shaped Love Glasses. Our mission is to inspire each other to see the world with love.

Love Glasses symbolize your ability to filter our hate and negativity. Our fun and stylish Love Glasses help you share a vital message to the world that you live on your terms, and write your narrative as you see the world.

The world can sometimes feel cold and lonely.  The Love Glasses Revolution encourages random acts of love and kindness. We inspire people to respect, love and appreciate one another, and to SEE love and to BE love starting with our own SELF!

Love Glasses Revolution Youth Style

The Love Glasses Revolution offers a message is simple of love, hope, prosperity and generosity. We believe the world can be a better place free from atrocities, hatred, terrorism, corruption, injustice, discrimination, violence, etc.

Love Glasses Revolution is about bringing the change we need to make the world a better place for us and future generation.

Our message is simple! A free, equal and loving world for all to live in peace and harmony. We choose love over evil; we want to see a world full of love and compassion.

Each and every one of us has the power to change the world. It starts with a conviction from within to be kind and loving towards other people and most importantly to look at yourself with love.

Love Glasses Revolution Pomegranate Cafe

Whatever you imagine, you will attract. So envision and express loving thoughts!

At Love Glasses Revolution, everyone is welcome regardless of your age, sexual orientation, gender, religion, status or color. Join Love Glasses Revolution’s community of loving, caring and passionate individuals today and be the best you can be in the world.

Love is all we need to survive; love conquers all!

Join the movement and take the pledge today! “I CHOOSE to view the world through my LOVE GLASSES

*You can purchase your own love glasses here!

Sharee and Tara Love Glasses Revolution
Blue with Love Glasses Revolution

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