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Make Happiness your purpose



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The world needs a big long heart warming soul to soul group hug. It’s time for us all to participate, to show up, to stand up for what we believe and to be part of the creation of a more peaceful & loving world for everyone. It’s not enough anymore to just shake our heads at the TV when we see the news coming in of another atrocity and our only action is to post something on social media. It’s not enough to use a hashtag or change our profile pictures to show support & solidarity. While all that does show support and it is heart warming to see, it’s just not enough.

We all need to start contributing in more meaningful ways. If we join together with a common vision we can create change.

So this is a heart felt rally call, a call to action from our hearts to yours, to #MakeKindnessYourPurpose. Join with us in creating a kindness movement here in Ireland that will send waves of love, kindness & positivity throughout the country and out into the world.

What we all, each of us in our corner of the world, need right now is love, kindness & positivity. We need to feel more hope and less despair. We need to feel and believe that everything is going to be ok even though there is so much pain and sorrow in the world. We need to feel more togetherness and less divide. We need to see the light at the end of what appears to be becoming an increasingly darker tunnel.

Would you agree? Are you feeling it? The tunnel feels like it’s getting darker doesn’t it? There is so much negativity, so much tension, poverty, homelessness, so much fear, so much hatred, so much divide, so much disrespect for our differences, so much disharmony and sadness. So many people are disillusioned and scared.

Can we change this collective feeling of hopelessness and disillusionment?

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Yes we can. It’s in each of our hands to create a better world.

Here’s how we, together, WILL change things.

We won’t bring about change waiting for the light to appear at the end of the tunnel. If we sit and wait it wont magically appear, even worse, it will simply disappear. Hoping things will get better is not enough anymore. It’s time to ACT. It’s time for every single one of us to do something, to stand up and be counted for, to play our role in the creation of this life. Life is not something that is happening it’s something that we are creating. This is where the power for change lies….collectively we are creating so collectively we can create change.

We all have a role to play. It’s not about seeking the light at the end of the tunnel, it’s about creating the light. We all have our own individual lights waiting to shine brightly. We don’t need to wait until we get through the tunnel to find the light, we have the power to create light NOW. If millions of people turn on their light, through acts of love & kindness, the darkness will fade and we will be so beautifully surrounded by a light of our own creation, a light of hope, love & kindness. I know it all sounds idealistic and unrealistic but if ever there was a time to dream it is now. Let’s aim for the moon and if we miss we’ll land among the stars. Now is not the time to knock simple ideas like this, now is the time to try, now is the time to do something.

We can be the light. It starts with each one of us being a light for our own community, spreading love, kindness & positivity, becoming a beacon of hope, becoming the reason people believe there is good in the world.

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We the Get Ireland Happy project team are guided by a passion to create a better world. We are guided by a shared vision of a world that is more peaceful and loving. We are guided by a shared vision of a world where we unite, where we stand together as ONE. We believe that complex problems do not always require complex solutions. Small acts, when multiplied by millions of people, can transform the world.

We believe a better world is possible. We stand strong in that belief and we are committed to holding that belief when you may be disillusioned and in despair. We stand strong in the belief that there is more good than bad in this world and when you have lost hope and feel darkness descending we will do our best to shine the light. That is our commitment. Through simple initiatives, ideas, projects, events, activities we will do what we can to bring people together to spread love, kindness & positivity. Through getting involved we hope you feel empowered with the belief that you are making a difference.

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How can we stand so strongly in the belief that a better world is possible? We go back to the statement…. complex problems do not always require complex solutions. We believe that the key is simplicity, the key is individual action, putting the two together, we believe we can change this world through SIMPLE ACTS. There are more good people than bad people in this world, there is more love than hate. The problem is the bad people are acting, they are acting loudly, they are acting fiercely, they are acting with vengeance fueled and consumed by hatred. Scary? Yes it is. Can we do something about it? Yes we can.

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Get Ireland Happy is a project that is setting out to empower people with a belief that they can make a difference. Our mission is simple…. to bring people together in the spirit of spreading love, kindness & positivity. Now is the time. We, the good people of this beautiful world, in our schools, in our communities, with our families, with our friends, we all need to stand up, show up and ACT.

We can change this world ONE small act at a time. We must empower ourselves with the belief that we, each one of us, can do something. We can all do something, we are not powerless, we are powerful, we are not weak, we are strong, we are not divided, we can stand together and create change. Let’s start by filling our communities with more love, with more kindness and with more positivity.

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This project was started by one person, then a group of people got involved and together we are building a community of like hearted people that share the projects mission….to spread love, kindness & positivity. Now what we must do is MOVE. Let’s move forward with our mission clearly in our minds and in our hearts and let’s become a movement of people brightening up this world. Let’s create reasons for people to believe that there is good in the world. Let’s ignite our own individual lights and collectively we can create the light that we seek. No more waiting. Waiting without action is apathy and we are not apathetic. We want to create a better world for our loved ones and future generations. We want to be part of the solution, to create change. Maybe you don’t know where to start, or you understandably think “how can I alone make a difference? The beauty is, you are not alone. There are millions of us that want to create change, so let’s come together and stand with one common vision.

We started by saying this is a rally call…. and here it is. We are calling upon you to define a particular purpose in your life that will make a difference in the world. You will have your own callings, your own passions, your own goals, dreams and desires. It is all that that makes you unique and beautiful so stand strong on your course and create the life that you desire. Now, on top of that, we are asking you to actively and consciously make kindness your purpose too. In the same way you set out to achieve personal goals, set out to with kindness as one of your purposes in life. If you are seeking more meaning in your life and a way to contribute to making the world a better place #MakeKindnessYourPurpose.

Perhaps, like I was, you are feeling a little lost in life, without a purpose? If this is you my rally call is even louder because trust me, making the spreading of love, kindness & positivity your purpose will change your life. #MakeKindnessYourPurpose and you will find that it is a purpose that brings light to your dark days, fills that empty space that you might be feeling in your heart & creates a beautiful connection with your inner self and with those around you. Finding a purpose, as so many have said, brings more meaning to our lives, why not #MakeKindnessYourPurpose? You will be rewarded in ways that will have a profoundly positive impact on your life and those around you.

Making kindness your purpose is a step above simply carrying out random acts of kindness. This is about committing to a cause and being part of something bigger, a movement of people with a common purpose. We are asking you to stand up for a kinder world, show up for a kinder world, you can make a difference. Every single act is powerful, your acts of kindness create ripples that have a far reaching and many times a deeply profound impact that can change lives. One moment can change a day, one day can change a life. That’s how powerful all this is. Kindness also inspires kindness so by making kindness your purpose you will inspire those around you to do the same. That’s how we change the world.

Make a decision today to #MakeKindnessYourPurpose & start with us in August over on our Facebook page. We will be devoting August to sharing videos, stories and brainstorming ideas with you, this will be an idea that will evolve with your input, we will do this together. Each week will have a particular focus encouraging you to carry out purposeful acts of kindness in your community. We don’t have anything to sign up to, that’s not what this is about. All we ask is that you simply take kindness into your heart and #MakeKindnessYourPurpose.

We are just a small group of people coming together with a shared vision for the world. Our dream is to turn this project into something so much bigger. Nothing like this exists in Ireland so we want to create something. What that is, even we are not sure at this point. We do know one thing though, our mission is clear and it will always remain, so whatever happens it will be built up around this mission….to bring people together in the spirit of spreading love, kindness & positivity. If you want to brainstorm with us, get involved, fund the project or you can help in any way to make this what we believe it can become, please get in touch.

Join us on Facebook, it’s where we are coordinating & brainstorming and making all this happen. Join the journey to create a kindness movement in Ireland. Let’s see what we can achieve together.

“Together we are stronger”

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